N.9 - The Montessori nursery charter, a cura del gruppo di studio O.N.M.

with texts by Maria Montessori
Aiuto Carta del nido Inglese
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The Montessori children’s community springs from a grand, ideal and scientific principle which Maria Montessori expressed as follows: “The child is not feeble and poor: the child is the parent of humanity and civilization; he is our teacher, even in what concerns his own education. This is not an exagerated exaltation of infancy: it is a solemn truth”.

This eloquent thought is not so much the fruit of a feeling of admiration for the person who mankind loves most dearly; it is, above all, the result of an accurate and prolonged scientific observation of developmental and biological facts. This forms the basis for constructing the Montessori paradigm concerning education from birth, marking  the diversity and specificity of the Montessori nursery compared to other educational inspirations and practices.